Eric Hubbard extended the gardens in 1936, and reconstructed the forecourt, replacing a carriage sweep with grass and flagged paths and restoring the gate to it’s old position opposite the front door. This gate was replaced in 1953 by Lionel Moore with a contemporaneous 1720s item purchased at the Chelsea FLower Show, originally with a "W" monogram, conveniently inverted to an ‘M’.




Plans drawn up for Sir William Garthwaite by RG Walton between 1961 and 1964, contain detailed plantings for the formal gardens and a small arboretum to the north east of the buildings, running up to the Oast.


"Old Fashioned" Roses were specified, and all planting subjects where to require no pruning, no periodical dividing and replanting, and no staking. With as much colour as possible.

Along the west boundary wall, the plan was for CLimbing Roses and interesting "wall" shrubs, along with other foliage to cover up most of the ground to be of primary consideration.


The plans detail the reconstruction of an existing smaller swimming pool and new tennis court. The bank on the west and south sides of the pool to be closely planted with Hydrangeas, a low columnar Cypress on each side at the foot of the steps.

Twelve trees were shown and described as small and flowering. Eventually planned to reach a height of 16 to 18 ft and form close, dense heads, representing a screen.
"Open - branched trees such as Almonds are to be avoided."


side gate

This is an ongoing story of reconstruction following a number of years of decline, including the theft of garden ornaments.

The front railings (which were in disrepair) were replaced in 2011, with the finials refurbished and a simplification to the design.


The gardens have undergone a complete transformation and now include a mirror pond, pergola and alterations to the flower beds and pathways.

pear path

The kitchen garden was renovated in 2017 with the addition of a superb greenhouse and raised vegetable beds. A Victorian potting shed, built in 1891 was moved off the roots of a mature Wellingtonia, which had distorted the building and it is now back in use for its original purpose. Planting in this area will commence in spring 2018.

north gate vegetable garden

The croquet lawn has also been renovated.

croquet lawn

The new pergola, based upon a design by John & Sarah's eldest daughter, Joanna.